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oh nancy drew, why i love you [entries|friends|calendar]
Oh, Nancy Drew!

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Icons! [25 Jul 2007|12:25pm]

I've created 12 icons of our favorite sassy girl detective at my journal H E R E


More can be found at book_icons H E R E

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there are some doors that should never be opened [26 Dec 2005|05:43pm]

Hello. My name is Lauren and I'm 13 years old. I've been a huge fan of Nancy Drew since I read Secret of the Old Clock in 1999. Since then, I've played every single computer game and read all the books in the original series. I am a registered user on Herinteractive under the name of Tiger Lily. I think Nancy Drew is a great role model for girls, not only does she encourage bravery but also teaches great problem solving skills.

I really enjoy making graphics and might post some here. Anyways, I hope to make some new friends!

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[13 Dec 2005|11:33pm]

62 Nancy Drew book covers

&! Comment, credit, no direct-linking.
&! Textless icons are not bases.
&! Resources are here.
&! Make a request?

03. 33. 52.

( fall fades, how it ages when you're away )
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New Nancy Game! [26 Aug 2005|01:59am]

THE LAST TRAIN TO BLUE MOON CANYON: On the shelves September 12th!

      The Hardy Boys have invited, you, as Nancy Drew, on a train ride out West hosted by beautiful and prominent socialite, Lori Girard. Lori has gathered the greatest minds in mystery to solve a century-old secret and the haunted train is their best clue. The luxurious train once belonged to Jake Hurley, a wealthy adventurer, on a journey to find the mother lode during mining mania. Shortly after the trip began, Jake's wife, Camille met an untimely end. Although her death broke his heart, Jake pressed on. Many years passed, and one day, Jake's train was found in Blue Moon Canyon with the engineer slumped over in the car - dead. No one knows what happened to Jake...

      Climb aboard as Nancy Drew and see if you can uncover the truth at the end of the line!

Lori Girard: Beautiful, rich Lori loves to party. And what could be cooler than a party on a haunted train with world-famous detectives bound for an unknown destination to discover a century-old secret?

Frank and Joe Hardy: Cute-sounding on the phone - and even cuter in person, the brothers also have a knack for solving mysteries. Frank is more methodical than his easily excitable brother, Joe. The two often have different points of view, but they genuinely respect each other. These two brothers are no strangers to mystery and are friends of Nancy. They've been solving crimes and go undercover for American Teens Against Crime (ATAC). Lori invited them along because she thinks they're cute.

John Grey: Host of the Ghost Channel, John analyzes electromagnetic fields to determine if there are any ghosts in the area. He thinks Camille's ghost may know something about Jake's mine and disappearance.

Charleena Purcell: Charleena's historical novels have sold millions of copies, but she's not interested in parties. She's done her homework about Jake Hurley, though maybe she knows more about the treasure than she's letting on.

Tino Balducci: He's a hot-shot detective who solved a big case in Chicago. Some people say it was just luck. Tino's out to show that he's the best detective and will do anything to prove it.

See HerInteractive for three new pictures (one of the Hardy boys!) and more information on the new game.
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I'm New! [25 Aug 2005|09:34pm]

[ mood | excited ]


I just found this community and had to join. I grew up reading Nancy Drews and Trixie Beldens. About 3 years ago I got my first game - Treasure in the Royal Tower. And joined the Her Interactive message board then (which was the message board before the message board that's there now). Since then, I've played, and loved, all of the games. I'm active on the HI boards, and still enjoy re-reading my Nancy's! So I figured I had to join!

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icons! [27 Jul 2005|05:15pm]

okay because i had to make icons of these quotes because they're so funny.

they're from the games if you haven't gathered

under here, super sluthCollapse )
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[13 Jul 2005|04:56pm]

Hey, names kittybuns and I’ve been a fan of Nancy Drew for as long as I can remember. I started playing the games when they were first released and have managed to beat them all. I’m a chicken though so I’ve managed to scream my head off during all of them. >.<

As for game recommendations, I recommend Syberia (because its graphics and storyline are both equally gorgeous) and The Sims 2 (because I love playing God).
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new game!!!! [01 Jul 2005|02:07am]
ahhhh guys i can't WAIT for the new game!!! i'm a newbie at nancy drew, but they're soooooo much fun!!!

however, i always have to look up stuff on cheats and stuff :( im always sucked on clues and stuff.. lol

i love how george always says "good luck and be careful!" except in final scene :( lol
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Nancy Drew Moodtheme [30 Jun 2005|03:09pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]



  • Images were taken from various book covers and nearly all of the games.

  • Download the zip file here. (Right-click, save as!)

  • Remember, this will only work for paid accounts. Installation instructions can be found here.

  • Enjoy! ♥
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    Hi! [26 Jun 2005|02:40pm]

    [ mood | Look Ma! It's mutts!lol ]

    Hi! My name's Katie, and I am a Nancy Drew fan. I have 3 of the games, and of those I've solved 2. Danger on Deception Island is my favorite so far, but I only have 6 days until I can get Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Secret of Shadow Ranch is by far my best-known game. I could play it with my eyes closed, well...maybe not really. You kinda have to look to do some of the stuff in the game, but you get what I mean. I'm on HerInteractive boards, shadow_solver98 's my username. I love those boards! Well, that's just about me. Please reply to this with info about yourself!

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    .:heheh I'm the first member besides Tara :) [22 Jun 2005|05:02pm]

    'Elloooooo I'm cj. lol. I like Nancy Drew (duhh). I've read like a million of the books (like over 30.) and I like the computer games even though I scream every 5 seconds.

    Tara: There are some books you're missing on your list, I'll email you with the rest of them.
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    NANCY DREW BOOK MASTERLIST [21 Jun 2005|09:40pm]

    Here is a list of all the Nancy Drew and ND-related books I can find. I'm always searching for more, but they're tough to find sometimes and there are huge holes in the list, so if you know of any more, please contact me.

    NANCY DREW BOOKSCollapse )
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    ARTICLE MASTERLIST [20 Jun 2005|08:38pm]

    Here is a soon-to-be complete list of all of the articles and news bits I can find relating to Nancy Drew. Book reviews, game reviews, general articles, anything. If you have found something not listed here, and think it should go here, let me know!

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    NANCY NEWS [20 Jun 2005|08:23pm]

  • Summer 2005 -- Release of Nancy Drew #12: The Secret of the Old Clock!

  • Do you have news to share?

  • Order The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries Season 1, now on DVD!

  • Do you have news to share?
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    [20 Jun 2005|10:21am]

    Hello, and welcome to bestdetective! All necessary information can be found in the userinfo, so please have a look, and join if this seems the place for you!

    Please comment on this post if you have any questions or comments, or if you wish to be an affiliate. You may also contact me at chocolatefrog@gmail.com.
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